Angel’s Billabong, Nusa Penida, Bali

Angel’s Billabong is another natural tourist attraction situated just beside Broken Beach. It is also a must visit attraction in Nusa Penida island. This is an incredible place to visit. This is located in Sakti village, BanjarSumpung, Nusa Penida.

Angel’s Billabong is a natural pool on a cliff. It is a natural infinity pool. Even in imagination, it is tuff to imagine the real beauty of this pool.

Angel’s Billabong

Only thing that can disappoint you as a tourist is crowed. Because everyone wants to cash the chance to visit this place.


  • Keep some bandage and antiseptic along with you. Because the sharp rocks can harm you if you loss control.
  • Try to visit as early as possible in the morning, so that you will find less crowed.
  • Do not attempt to swim there, unless you are a very good swimmer.
  • Do not attempt to swim there during the high tide, even if you are a good swimmer.
  • Do not stand or walk on the edge of the pool, however the tide is high or low.
  • Listen to the instruction of local guards.
  • Wear hiking shoes.
  • Keep a lot of drinking water along with you. You will need it.
  • Take as much photos as you want but be careful about your steps.

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Be safe and keep your surrounding clean.

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