Bali Tips for Travellers

Bali, one of the most popular tourist destinations in our globe. Does not matter, you are travelling for the first time or many times, you will always find something new and interesting there. Even people from all around the world just travel there to take rest by sitting in the hotel or in the beach, swimming on the pool, that’s it.

In this blog I’m going to give you some tips according to my own experiences. Hope you will find these helpful-

  • In Bali international airport before the immigration counters, you will find a counter written ‘Visa on arrival (payment counter)’. If you are not planning to stay in Bali for more than 30 days than do not waste your time by standing on that counter. Straight progress towards the immigration counter.
  • When it’s time to find a car to reach your hotel, you will find taxi in airport. But if you are a budget traveler than straight climb up to departure gate. You will find capsule lift in arrival gate. In departure gate you will find Bluebird cab. Be sure the driver agrees to go by meter. I’m sure, you are going to save some cash in this way.
  • Try not to change money in airport money exchange. The exchange rate they offer is really a bad exchange rate (I found 13400IDR=1USD in airport but in kuta it was 13850IDR=1USD). Better, you keep some small notes with you to change in airport for paying the taxi fare.

  • As I have been in Kuta, according to my experience you will find a lot of money exchange there. But before entering in a money exchange be sure about the place. Check it takes commission or not. I recommend to enter only in authorized exchanges. Because you may not find if they give you a fake bank note. So, do not enter in a random money exchange.
  • If you are on a budget tour than learn to eat rice. Balinese people eat rice 3 times a day. You will find a lot of road site food courts selling rice with 3-4 types of curries by 25000 IDR, which a lot cheaper than a well decorated restaurant. Trust me, the foods are really good in taste and seems like hygienic as well.

  • If you are a Muslim than always check before you order a food either it is halal or not.
  • Do not ask for spicy food if you are not used to with it. Because their spicy means really very spicy.
  • Have fruits, just have them. They are really delicious.
  • If you are in a budget trip, buy your drinks and snacks only from big super markets. You will find everything a lot cheap there.
  • Do not waste your time by sitting and sleeping in the hotel, there are a lot to explore in Bali. Start your day as early as possible in the morning.
  • Do not take hotels with breakfast if you are planning to start your day early in the morning.
  • Do not forget to take light winter cloth with you. If you are planning to start your day very early in the morning than you might need them.
  • Rent your transport for whole day. Either motorbike (costs from 70000 to 115000 IDR, depends on type of bike) or a car (costs from 550000 to 750000 IDR) depending on number of group member.
  • If you are in a short trip, then rent a car for whole day. Because you will have driver who knows all the roads and can guide you. You will even save your energy for exploring more.
  • Have your own big towel or any sort of cloth while you are going to the beach and have your own drinks and snacks. Because in the beach you will find everything 3-4 times expensive and you have to buy their products to get a chair to sit. So have your own arrangement.
  • Forget about all soft drinks and have coconuts. You will remember the taste throughout your life.
  • If you are not good in bargain then learn. In Bali everywhere you have to bargain except the super markets.
  • Buy souvenirs only from Ubud Art Market. This is the cheapest place and offers a lot of options. Say one-third of the asking price there and be strict on your price.
  • Be careful from monkeys. You will find them interesting, but they will find your belongings interesting.
  • If you are a lazy person then be mentally prepared, you are going to walk and hike a lot. But if you are not planning to explore the natural beauty of Bali then you do not have to.
  • You can rent car from your hotel and can even have a guide. But my suggestion is do not rent your car from hotel and do not take a professional guide if you are in budget trip.
  • If you are a smoker, do not forget to pack your regular brand of cigarettes.
  • Dear friends, don’t be shy, just bargain.
  • And last but most important, respect Balinese culture.

These are my tips or suggestion for you. These are from my own experience. I hope it will help you. You can check with other sites as well. May be you will find a lot of new helpful suggestions.

Kuta Beach

A bonus gift- I am providing you the contact of a very helpful person in Bali. He speaks fluent English. He can arrange a very good tour plan for you for free and you can hire car or motorbike from him. He is an excellent guy.

Name- Made Sudita

Mobile- +6281236791641

Address- Warung Mesari, Jalan Benesari- Kuta.

You can contact him through Whatsapp.

Thank you,

Be safe and keep your surrounding clean.


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