Bukit Teletubies or Teletubbies Hill, Nusa Penida, Indonesia

If you are thinking only about natural coastal beauty of Nusa Penida, than change your mind. This Island has to offer natural hill track beauty as well. Teletubbies Hills (local name- Bukit Teletubies) is a beautiful attraction that you should visit.

I did not had Teletubbies Hills in my tour plan. My driver suggest me to visit the place. I was not really convinced but agreed to go there. The view was just awesome throughout the way to that viewpoint. The round hills, rice fields on the hills, coconut trees and so on. All these were just cooling my eyes. Moreover, the hide and seek game of sun and could was mind-blowing scenery to view from hilltop.

Bukit Teletubies

It is a good place for photography. You will love the place if you are a landscape photographer. You will find the lights playing with you along with clouds.

In Teletubbies Hill, you do not have to pay any entry fees or parking charge. It is all free (according to my experience in September 2019). In addition, take water along with you and some foods because there is no shops around the viewpoint.

Best time to visit: 

I guess the best time to visit the place is either early in the morning or afternoon. Because during the mid-day period you may find a rude sun there.

Teletubbies Hill on the map:

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