Chingri Waterfall, Bandarban, Bangladesh

If you have travelled once, you will be eagerly waiting for travel again and again,, that sort of travel destination is Bandarban. Bandarban has it’s very own place in tourist’s heart. Chingri Waterfall is one of the tourist spot of Bandarban. It is actually a waterfall with an unique look.

flow of water from chingri waterfall

How to go?

Bandarban is 92 km away from Chittagong main city. You have to go the Bandarban city by bus or reserve transport. From Bandarban city need to go Ruma ghat by four wheeler jeep, which is locally know as Chander gari. From Ruma ghat one hour by boat with full of fresh air and natural beauty to Ruma Bazar. From Ruma Bazar once again by Chander Gari to Boga lake. You can go there by walking as well, but it will take a lot of time.

On the way from Boga lake to Keokaradong you will find stunning Chingri Waterfall. Its almost 40 minutes wlking distance from Boga lake.



  • Try to go there in rainy season or just after the end of rainy season.
  • There you will have to walk on slippery rocks, so, be careful.
  • Carry a piece of bamboo or something like that, to balance your walking.


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Be safe and keep your surrounding clean.

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