Hardinge Bridge: A historical place in Bangladesh

Hardinge Bridge is one of the historical construction of British colony, which still stands with it’s pride in Bangladesh. This Iron bridge is in Pakshy;Ishwardi. From Dhaka, it is 219 km. the bridge itself is 1.8 km. this bridge is a railway bridge which stands on Padma river. One end is Pakshy and the other side is Veramara.

The construction started in 1910 and ended up on 1912. In 1915, the first train movement on this bridge reported. The bridge is named on Lord Hardinge. The people of this area worked for the construction of this bridge. However, they are no longer alive, but you can find their family members in Ishwardi and Pakshi area. Even I know one. I think the person does not recognize that, he is from a lucky family. His grandparent and uncle were part of this historical bridge.

This bridge plays a very important roll in life of Bangladeshi people. It serves the economy of this country as well. In 1971, during the liberation war, 4th pillar of this bridge was bombed in order to interrupt the communication of Pakistani Army.  So, you can understand how important bridge it is.

Currently this is a great amusement place for the local people. In every weekend and other holidays thousands of people gathers here to see this historical bridge along with the natural beauty of mighty Padma. The authority does not allow to enter on the bridge, unless you are on a train but people always try to get as close as possible to the bridge. It is really a great place to be.

Under the bridge on the bank of Padma, you will find snacks shops, souvenir shops, tea stalls and so on. It becomes very much colorful during the holidays. Even people from very far places comes here to see this bridge and to enjoy the natural beauty of Padma.

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