Jadipai Waterfall, Bandarban, Bangladesh

Jadipai water falls, one of the most beautiful water fall in Bangladesh situated in Bandarban, Chittagong.

Reach to this water fall was never so easy for us. After crossing the Keukaradong the second highest pick of the country, we had to go down all the way on the other side of the hill, and trust me, the road was not friendly at all.

the way to the waterfall

The day was a very tough day for us. We did not had food whole day and we were walking on the hill tracks. We were even planning to stop for the day, but the hunger in our mind for beauty did not allow us, and we walked ahead. Once we saw the falls, believe me, we could not even speak. We were just thundered and looking towards the falls. It is so beautiful. It just refresh both mind and body at a glance, that much stunning the beauty is.

In order to reach this stunning beauty, from Bandarban city you have to travel through  Ruma Ghat, Boga Lake, Paichangpai Para, Keokaradong and Jadipai Para.

Trust me, all the way to the Jadipai water falls from Bandarban, you will find coolness for your eyes and mind.


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