JOLOJOG: Famous destination in Jessor for foodies.

I was heading to Norail. On the way to Norail, I went through Jessor and it was around 10 AM. I was looking for a local famous restaurant for breakfast. One of my friend suggest me the place called ‘JOLOJOG’.

I was expecting a good looking and well-decorated restaurant. However, once I reached there, I was a little bit shocked. It was tinny place with crowed and not well decorated as well. I noticed that everyone was having the same food. The area of the hall is maximum 200-250 sq. ft. I guess.

However, after waiting for a while, I found an empty seat and grabbed that. I did not even order food, they brought me the breakfast. It was Daal (pulse) with 2-3 cube potato and luchi (deep oil fried thin bread). Trust me it was so tasty. Daal tastes a little bit sweetish. I was not expecting that much tasty breakfast after seeing the arrangements of the place. Later on, I had a ‘Rosogolla’ (a type of sweetmeat). It was yummy. The thing just melted down in my mouth after the very first bite.

JOLOJOG usually opens at 7:30 AM and closes at 8:30 PM. It sales Daal and Luchi for whole day. In the evening, it sales Luchi and vegetables. People says vegetable is far better than the Daal.

Specially JOLOJOG is sweet’s shop. Their Shondesh, Roshmalai, Curd and other different types of sweetmeats are very famous. So, for the foodies, it is a must visit location.

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