Madhabkunda Waterfall, Sylhet, Bangladesh

Madhabkunda Waterfall is one of the most attractive tourist spot in Bangladesh. It is situated in Barlekha Upozila, Moulovibazar District, Sylhet Division. It is 80 km away from Sylhet city. It is a one day tour from sylhet city. Big boulders, hill forest, surround the waterfall. The natural beauty of the waterfall is just stunning.

water flow from madhobkundo waterfall

I went there almost 7 years ago. The day I went, there was a rainy day. Me along with my friend Atik, who is from Sylhet went there by a car. On the way  to the water fall we found some nice places. We went through some small rivers.

small river on the way to the waterfall

Once after we reached there, had to walk a little bit towards the waterfall. As it was a rainy day, the roads were wet. After walking for few meter, we heard the sound of waterfall which increased the excitement by miles. As you all know, in rainy season the waterfalls get their real look. So, Madhabkundo was looking amazing.


  • In rainy season, do not forget to take an umbrella with you.
  • Do not go close to the waterfall, it is dangerous.
  • Do not try to climb up to starting point waterfall.



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Be safe and keep your surrounding clean.

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