Manuaba Waterfall, Bali, Indonesia

If you are thinking that, Bali has no more hidden jam than you are wrong. This world’s famous tourist destination is offering new attractions very often. Manuaba Waterfall is a hidden jam for tourists in Bali. There are very few numbers of people who has visited this waterfall compare to the number of tourists in Bali. Even there are not so many local guides who knows about this place.

Mnuaba Waterfall

Our travel experience-

We were heading towards Tegallalang Rice Terrace from Tegenungan Waterfall. As I always do, I was just actively checking the both sides of the roads. Fortunately, among all the art shops on that road, I saw a sign board indicating waterfall.

Asked my driver to go there. But both the driver and the guide were sure that, there is no waterfall. They never heard about it before. I just forced them to go.

Trust me, even my guide was amazed by the waterfall. It is almost 25-30 mins walk from the parking towards the falls.

It is situated in a kind of deep forest. If you love adventure, it is definitely for you. Once we reached there through the jungle and rocky hills, we found no one there. I was a little bit shocked, because it was not early morning, it was like 1 PM.

We did not pay anything for entrance, for parking. No entry fees, no parking charge, no donation, absolutely nothing. It proves the place is still raw and few people knows about that accept the locals from that specific territory. There was no restaurant as well nearby.

The water flowing from this waterfall is considered as holy water.

The place is really mind-blowing. You will find rice field on the way to the waterfall. Can have a glance of local life style and natural beauty.

Where to find this waterfall:

Manuaba waterfall is in north of Ubud, in Kenderan Village, Tegallalang area. The height of the waterfall is around 25-30 meters I guess.

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