Mathurapur Deul, Faridpur, Bangladesh

Mathurapur Deul is situated in Mathurapur village, Modhukhali Upozila, Faridpur District. It is at 36 km west from Faridpur and 3km away from Modhupur. One can travel there by bus till Modhupur Bazar, than by rickshaw. Or you can go there by reserved transportation.

After 3 meter straight up, it goes slightly narrow and raised till 21.2 meter. The outer face is decorated with terracotta plaques, which makes it so beautiful and attractive.


According to the department of archeology of Bangladesh, contemporary sources do not give any history of this temple and about it’s builder. There is a rumor in Faridpur-Jessor that, as a victory pillar Mansing, who was a commander of Mughal emperor King Akbar after defeating King Pratapaditya, made it. However, there is no historical evidence about this war. There is another rumor that it was built by a Mughal general Shangram Shing. After analyzing the architecture, it is assumed that, the pillar was made in 17th century.

My travel story:

It was a gloomy day in Rajbari, where I travelled for some official purpose and it was a off day as well. I was just looking for some place to explore in google map. Google suggested me this place. I just made up my mind and started along with my driver Ruhul and my colleague Mr. German (Russian).

The weather was excellent for a long drive and we went through the villages. The natural beauty of Bangladesh was amazing throughout the way. Do not have words to explain.

Once we reached there, we found the place really nice, calm and quite. Not like other beautiful places where you will find crowed. It really shows the rich history of Bangladesh but there is no contemporary reference about this place but it shows the historical richness of the country.

This place is worthy to visit if you go somewhere around this place.



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