Necessary Mobile Phone Apps for Travellers

People travels abroad for various reasons. Someone travels for business purpose, someone travels just for relaxing or to explore new places, culture and so on. Does not matter what is the purpose of your travelling abroad, there are few types of mobile phone apps, which will make your life lot more easier, comfortable and cost effective abroad. Let’s check out what are those-


  • Google map: May be every one of you have that app on your smart phone. In case if you don’t, just have it. You will waste less time on the way towards your destination.
  • Weather forecast: Get an app which will show you real time weather forecast. It is very essential. It will help you to determine what kind of dress you should ware, what types of foot ware you need, what you should take along with you while you go out of your hotel room.

  • Communication app: Apps like viber, what’sapp, imo. This are the most essential ones, even if you don’t like them at all. Just have one or two of those apps.

  • Translator: You can’t even imagine how much it will make your life easy. It is a must get type of app for you.
  • Currency converter app: Get a currency converter app. You can have one, which will show you the real time currency rate. This type of app is really helpful.

    • Ride sharing app: Based on the country or locality you are going to travel, have a ride sharing app which works over there. Mostly uber is very famous everywhere, but it might not applicable in the country or the town where you are travelling. So, find one and get that. It will save both time and money for you and moreover it gives you safety.

  • Public transport app: In many countries, they are having an app for their public transport. There you can find the rout and time table of all sort of public transport. If you are on a budget trip, this is a must get app for you.
  • Hotel booking app: Get a hotel booking app. Though you might have booked the hotel before you depart from your country, but have one. In case you might need that.
  • Food order app: You might feel lazy or might not be in a mood to go out for having food or you may feel sick. It is always recommended to have an app in your smart phone where you can order your favorite foods really fast and get home delivery. Remember you do not have anyone to cook for you over there.

  • Ticketing app: If you are planning to travel various destinations within the country, then have a local ticketing app where you will find inter district or interdivision bus or railway tickets. It will make your life hassle free.
  • Prayer time app: The last one but the most important if you are a believer is a prayer time reminder app. If you are a believer, than you must have it installed in your phone, so that you don’t miss any prayer and don’t forget to thank the almighty for such a beautiful life.


You may think, all the services that will be provided by these apps, you may find by browsing on your browser or by some other ways. But think once, isn’t it better to find what you need by one single touch than browse for hours or asking someone to help you!!!!


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Be safe and keep your surrounding clean.

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