Necessary immigration suggestion for Bangladeshi citizens travelling to Bali (Indonesia)

As a Bangladeshi citizen, you will get an on arrival visa to get in Bali, Indonesia. It sounds very easy, which is not. Here I am going to give you tips or suggestion according to my own experience. You can many different ideas in internet. I also found a lot.

  • If you are an adult and have a strong travel history along with good job or business, you will cross Bangladesh Immigration very easily. The officer will just check you immigration form, boarding pass and passport. That is it. No harassment at all.
  • In case of an underage traveler or for a student, you may need to have a certificate from your guardian, which will prove that, they are aware of your travel.
  • In case of a government employee, NOC is must require document.
  • Do not forget to have a USD endorsement in your passport. For Indonesia around 70$ per day will be a safe amount.
  • Have your return ticket and hotel booking confirmation documents.
  • If it is not hard for you, have your business card and official ID along with you.
  • From all the sources, I found suggestion about passport size photography. However, trust me, for immigration purpose; you will not need that at all. In order to be in a safe side, have few copies of your photographs.

  • No matter who you, you have to face a little bit difficulties in Indonesian Immigration. As soon as they will see you with a Bangladeshi passport, they will not even open it, they will straight ask you for return ticket, confirm hotel-booking document. They will take those and ask you to follow him. You are going to wait for a while in front of a room. If you have endorsed enough USD, you have a confirm hotel booking and a confirm return ticket, than they will let you in. The thing is, it is embarrassing, while citizens from other countries are just submitting their passport and passing the immigration in 1-2 minutes, there you will have to wait for 15-20 minutes with all your documents.
  • Before immigration, there is a booth for on arrival visa payment. Do not rush there. It is for those, who is going to stay for more than 30 days in Indonesia.
  • After immigration, you will have to fulfill a baggage declaration form.

That’s all. I am telling you again, these are from my own experience, yours can be different.


Thank you,

Be safe and keep your surrounding clean.

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