Only two materials have their own language: Money & Weapon.

We, the human being have our own language. All the living creatures have their own language. Mostly we and other living creatures express ourselves through our language. But in this materialistic world, there are only two materials who have their own language. These are MONEY and WEAPON.

Many can disagree with me, but that is what I believe. These two materials can not talk that is what we can see, and this is true. But they are such powerful thing that make people to talk in their language.

Don’t believe me? Find someone who is having a Weapon. Look at them, you will see their arrogance. They really do not care about anything. Look at the forces during war or any fighting situation. Once the force starts to fire, they really do not care about who is standing in front of them, either its human or a material. They become arrogant and ask for blood. As a human being, the person who is shooting others can not be like that. It is the weapon what makes him ferocious. That is how the gun makes human being to talk in his language.

And I guess there is nothing to talk about money. We all know, how a human being changes himself because of money. It makes one greedy. The person running after money is ready to sacrifice everything for it. It kills their family life. If you do not trust me than, there is a proverbs that, ‘Money talks.’

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