Peterhof Palace, Russia

If you have decided to visit St. Petersburg and Peterhof palace is not in your list of attraction, then you are going to make a big mistake by not visiting the palace.

It is a series of palaces and gardens in Petergof situated in outside of the city St. Petersburg. This is also referred as “Russian Versailles”. The beautiful golden fountains are a great attraction of this palace.

To visit this place you need a whole day plan.


  • You can reach there by bus, train or by fast boat. I went there by fast boat and it was really exciting. The boat was literally flying.

  • Don’t forget to take some warm cloths along with you when you go there. Even in mid summer if it rains over there, you will feel the cold.

  • Russian summer the best time to visit the place. May to September can be the best choice.


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Be safe and keep your surrounding clean.


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