Rocca di Papa, Rome, Italy

On a sunny morning of February or March in the year of 2012, I travelled around 25 Km southeast from Rome to a small town which is situated on a hill. Even I was not expecting that beauty what I found there though I was briefed a little bit. The town is Rocca Di Papa. One of the best small town I have ever been in my life.

Rocca Di Papa, Rome, Italy

My eyes were bloomed by the beauty of the nature once after the bus crossed the city life. The road goes through the hills. It was just stunning. Once after we reached the final destination I was even a little bit shocked and was not prepared at all. It was heavily snowing and the snow was melting immediately. As I went to Italy from Russia, I was not feeling that cold at Rome, so I was not dressed up in a proper way to face that condition. Though the weather were making our life difficult but we enjoyed that a lot. The buildings, roads and overall environment or atmosphere gave me a feel like, I am standing on a art film set. It was just blowing my mind. It was even tuff to take photos, because the roads were so sleepy.

Rocca Di Papa, Rome, Italy

Some how we managed to take some though. We few snacks and some coffee and pulled our self back to Rome. Though on the way we selected a lot of places to visit on our way back to Rome but we could not, because we became wet. It’s been an amazing day trip from Rome…


Short brief about Rocco Di Papa-

This is a very small town in the e metropolitan city of Rome, Lazio, Italy. The town is situated about 25 km southeast of Rome on Alban Hills. Rocca Di Papa is the center of the “Parco Regionale dei Castelli Romani” Regional Park.

It has a tourism and agriculture based economy. It does a good number of wine and vine production as well.

From the documents of 12th century it is found that, Rocca Di Papa was known as ‘Castrum Rocce Di papa’, which means ‘Rock of the pope Castle’, because Pope Eugene III lived there. In the year of 1541 the castle was destroyed by French troop. In 1855 the people proclaimed the “Rocca di Papa Republic” against prince Colonna and the Papal States government.

Sunset from Rocca Di Papa, Rome, Italy

During the World War II, in 1944 the place suffered a lot. It was bombed, people were killed and injured as well. The place was liberated from Germans on 4th june, 1944.

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