There is no easy level in the game of life.

The game of life begins from the formation of zygote cell and ends up with death. Throughout this game, there is not a single easy level. All through the process, we expect that, the next level will be easier but we always become disappointed.

For the formation of zygote, the sperm cells takes a race between each other. The winner cell takes part in formation of zygote. Then it grow up gradually by facing many obstacles and finally come to the earth as a newborn baby. On that note, every single human being is a born fighter.

During student life, everyone says from upper standards the education becomes easier, which is not a fact. It never becomes easier. Than we wait for the end of student life and hope for an easy level. But, by the end of the student life we face even harder level of life. We start running behind the golden deer ‘MONEY’. Trust me, it sucks.

Married life, being parents, older age… none of them are easy level. May for a while you will get some mental peace of satisfaction once you change the level, but it disappears very fast.

So, friends there is no other way than facing the fact, we have to play this game. We do not have other option. Just, try to be happy.

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Be safe and keep your surrounding clean.

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