VDNKH, Moscow, Russia

VDNKH is a must visit attraction in Moscow, Russia. VDNKH is short form for of Russian name, which means Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy.

The attraction is situated in the north of Moscow. It has around 250 soviet era palaces, pavilions, and water fountains. It was constructed during the period of Stalin.

VDNKH is carrying the richness of USSR. You will find various amusement and sports events there as well. The park there is really a great place to visit. Music, various rides, and different kind of trade show makes the place very much lively all day long. You will see many street performers there as well, though the police is always busy to distract them.

The park area is really a very calm and cool place. You can have your own time there with the mind-blowing nature. During the summer time, VDNKH becomes more beautiful. You will feel the vibe there.

Moreover, you can do some shopping there as well. Electronics, dresses, cosmetics, toys and souvenir shops are there as well. You will even find a lot of food court there as well.

Along with the tourists, this place is very popular to the locals as well. Even they visit the place very often. VDNKH is a mind-blowing place for recreation.

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